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Our Guddas partners are there for you – they accompany your project from measuring through delivery of customized components to possible add-ons and modifications – even those you make in a few years’ time.

How to take measurements

To ensure that your planned interior design product fits exactly into the alcove or planned installation site, we recommend that you carefully follow our tried-and-tested guide to taking measurements. Simply download it before using a yardstick or measuring tape to calculate the required height, depth, and width.


Use masking tape to mark out the closet format on the wall and floor.

Include any possible baseboards, pipes, projecting walls, or similar objects when taking measurements. If you are taking measurements in a building shell, remember to include the final height of the built-up floor.

Take each measurement in 3 different places to ensure that the ceiling or wall is straight.


We place great value on careful packaging of the goods you order as well as professional shipment to ensure that everything reaches you safely and undamaged.

This also includes delivery on an agreed date. Immediately after you place the order for your customized furniture, we will begin manufacturing it. Usually the goods will be delivered to your Guddas dealer after about 4-6 weeks.

For more information on shipment, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Re-ordering individual parts

When you purchase customized Guddas furniture you are purchasing a quality product that is timeless and long-lived and can be enjoyed for many years.

Over time the way you use your furniture may change and you may, for example, want to add extra shelves or a clothes rail. This is not a problem. The Guddas parts you need can be re-ordered easily and at any time from your Guddas specialist dealer.




Below you will find frequently asked questions and the relevant answers. If your question is not listed here, please call us or write to us at info(at)guddas.de.

  • General
    • Where are Guddas sliding doors and closets made?
      • We manufacture exclusively at our headquarters in Bremen – “Made in Germany”.
    • Can I exchange or return the configured Guddas products that I ordered from a Guddas dealer?
      • No, that is unfortunately not possible since these products are made to specific measurements and therefore cannot be exchanged.
    • Can I complain about defective products?
      • Of course. Should you notice that there are errors in your new Guddas product or that it is damaged, then please inform your Guddas dealer without delay. When doing so, it is helpful if you include photos so that we can quickly identify the cause of the damage or rectify the error as quickly as possible.
    • What happens to my data? (Privacy)
      • Any personal data that we store concerning you is stored because it is required to issue invoices or make deliveries. This data will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties.
  • Customer Service
    • Where can I get advice on a Guddas product?
      • Your nearest Guddas partner can provide advice and will be pleased to help you with the planning of your dream closet or sliding door. Pay a visit to the dealer to see the quality of our products for yourself and for advice. To find your nearest dealer use our Dealer search.
  • Orders
    • How can I place an order with Guddas?
      • You have the following options for placing an order, none of which affect the price:
        1) Order directly from a Guddas specialist dealer.
            Pay a visit to your dealer to see the quality of our products for yourself and for advice.
            To find your nearest dealer, click here.
        2) Configure your desired product online before sending your configuration to the Guddas specialist dealer as an inquiry.
    • Can I re-order components for my closet?
      • When you purchase customized Guddas sliding doors and/or closets you are purchasing a quality product that can be enjoyed for many years. If the way you use your furniture changes over time and you want, for example, to add extra shelves or a clothes rail we can offer an easy solution. Simply re-order the parts you need from your Guddas specialist dealer. Go to dealer search
    • Can I send you a sketch of my closet and you will send me a quotation?
      • You are welcome to send us a sketch of your closet that includes dimensions. We will forward this inquiry to a Guddas specialist dealer in your area, who will then send you a quotation. Or why not visit the dealer yourself and request a quotation directly? (To dealer search).
    • Is there a time limit on how long I can make changes to my configuration?
      • You can use the configurator to change your configuration whenever and for as long as you want. All you have to do is save your configuration on your end device – e.g. your desktop – and then retrieve it later to continue working on it or to make changes.
  • Delivery & Installation
    • How long does delivery take?
      • Right after you place the order for your customized sliding door and/or closet, we will begin manufacturing it. Products are generally finished and shipped to your Guddas dealer around 4 – 6 weeks later.
    • Can I take measurements myself?
      • Yes, you can take measurements yourself. To ensure that your sliding door and/or closet fits exactly into the alcove or planned installation site, we recommend that you carefully follow our guides to taking measurements. Click here to see the guides.
    • Do you supply installation instructions?
      • We supply corresponding installation and/or assembly instructions with every order.
  • Products
    • What products can I plan using the configurator?
      • Sliding doors, room dividers, and closets (wall-to-wall or freestanding)
    • Can my closet be fitted under a sloping ceiling?
      • Of course! To achieve perfect realization of your sliding door or closet under a sloping ceiling we recommend that you do the planning together with a Guddas dealer (to find your nearest dealer click here).
    • Can my closet be fitted in an alcove?
      • It goes without saying that this is possible – it is our specialty. Before making your plans, please read our guides to taking measurements carefully and select the “Wall to wall” room situation in the configurator.
    • Can I order my shelves without a back wall?
      • Yes, this is possible. Simply select this option in our configurator as required.
    • Can I order my sliding door as a room divider?
      • Yes, our products also make excellent room dividers. You can either have your local specialist dealer plan this for you or do it yourself using our configurator.
    • Can sliding doors be supplied with a variety of door panels?
      • Yes, Guddas offers a wide range of door panels that you can combine however you want. You can even use our panel-dividing rails to put together different panels on one door.
    • Can I configure corner closets online on your website?
      • No! When planning a corner closet we recommend that you work together with a local Guddas dealer and/or send them a direct inquiry with a sketch so that they can assist you with the planning and realization. Click here to find your nearest dealer.
    • Can I configure folding doors on your site?
      • No! When planning folding doors we recommend that you work together with a local Guddas dealer and/or send them a direct inquiry with a sketch so that they can assist you with the planning and realization. Click here to find your nearest dealer.
    • Are your sliding doors also suitable for outdoor use?
      • No! Our sliding doors are only suitable for indoor use – e.g. as room dividers or closet/shelf doors.
    • Are the sliding doors noise-proof?
      • Our sliding doors can curb noise and/or shield you from noise. They are, however, not fully soundproof.
  • Quality
    • How long is the guarantee I get on Guddas products?
      • You get a 10-year guarantee on products made by Guddas in Bremen, Germany.
    • What makes Guddas sliding doors special?
      • a)    The certified running technology – i.e. the top roller is made using two different kinds of special plastic to ensure frictionless running along the roller carrier axis and the quietest possible running along the top track. The bottom roller has ball bearings that are coated with a special plastic that allows quiet running with a low level of flattening, even when used with heavy doors.
      • b)    The aluminum profiles made in high material thicknesses that are extra-torsion resistant, stopping them from bending.
      • c)    The gas pressure brake on the sliding doors that guarantees long, continual ease of use.
      • d)    The precise manufacturing of the individual but coordinated components, and
      • e)    a wide range of glass and décor panels sourced from prestigious European manufacturers.


Instructions, brochures, care instructions and warranty conditions are available for viewing and downloading here.

Dealer search

Our products are sold exclusively through
carefully selected specialist dealers.

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